Benefits of renting a boat in Vernon vs owning or bringing a boat to the Vernon area.

Any boating vacation or planned boating activity can have stress factors. Turtle Bay Marina & Resort has professionally trained staff to help work the stress out when it comes to renting a boat in and around Vernon. Why stress out over all the hassles of boat ownership. You have the initial cost to purchase the boat and the work to obtain a boating license. There is on-going maintenance costs. There's the cost of marine insurance and boat trailer insurance. Then you need the truck to haul the boat. Then there's the question of where do you store the boat when not in use. If you want to moor your boat at a marina, the cost can run you as much as $100.00 per foot per year. Then there is the stress of feeling like you need to get use out of the boat all the time to cover all those costs! If you talk to anyone at a marina or Yacht Club, they will tell you that most boats get used less than 10 hours per year, and some not at all. It's just not worth it unless you have lakefront property!

Eliminate all that stress! All you have to do is phone our office and discuss with the bookings department the kind of day on the water you want. If you need help planning your rental duration, lake to choose, water sports to choose from, activities to do on the water, or places to check out on Okanagan Lake, Kalmalka Lake or Wood Lake. We can work with you to ensure your Vernon boat rental is maximized.

Turtle Bay Marina & Resort can serve your boat rental right from their location to Wood Lake and Kalamalka lake and can deliver to any boat launch of your choice in and around Vernon. We will have one of our delivery staff bring the boat directly to you and provide on site training of the boat and the lake you’re about to voyage on. After your rental, we will load the boat onto our trailer and clean the boat for you.

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